Teacher Testimonials

“This is an innovative and refreshing approach to teaching 3-year-olds. I would and have recommended this to student teachers or those commencing their student to teacher qualifications. At student level, though possibly quite competent at passing on dance choreography or running a class for their own level or slightly younger, many are not used to working with this young age group and find them difficult. Also they often don’t have the basic music knowledge to make the ideas fit to the music or knowledge of child psychology to reach such young children. They also find it difficult to bring themselves down to the child’s level.

I find that, in this curriculum, everything is covered from simple, but interesting ideas which are immediately appealing to this age group, through to the ‘how to’ stage and the final little dances. Also very important is the correct structuring for the younger dancer, which is often the biggest gap in a young teacher’s knowledge. He or she has perhaps a university qualification, rather than one from an official dance organisation, which does provide a structured training and offers a recognised syllabus to teach, whereas a university doesn’t offer this. But these syllabi, though brilliant and full of teaching material, don’t include the things in this curriculum such as 1) How to, 2)What to, and 3) What do I do if they misbehave or don’t listen?

This is brilliant and will look further at the next levels to see how they follow through.

Well done, Ruth, for producing a much needed teaching tool!”

– Inger from New Zealand, Fellow and Examiner of the International Dance Teachers Association, Fellow of Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance and Recognised Teacher of the Royal Academy Dance on the Level 1 Curriculum Book

“I am really impressed with the Level 3 Curriculum Book. As an instructor that has mainly worked with older dancers, I was looking for an easy to follow and age appropriate guide for younger students. This will definitely come in handy when I sub younger levels. I would highly recommend this series.”

– Tricia from Clinton, OH on the Level 3 Curriculum Book

“The website was really easy to follow and the order came through quickly for me to download. The activities are varied and suitable for the age group (3-4 yrs) and offers lots of activities that I can use in my classes alongside what I already do, saving me planning time which, as a teacher, is very important. As a new school, I am still finding my feet with what students enjoy and the skills they need to build, I have been able to implement the ballet curriculum into my mini dancers class. My students really liked the activity that involved them using each different part of their body. I would recommend the syllabus for teachers looking for inspiration and new activities to incorporate into their pre-school dance classes.”

– Sarah-Jayne from Manchester, UK on the Level 1 Curriculum Book

“This curriculum has been a great find! I have been searching for a solid way of teaching the preschool – 7 year old range for a number of years that is compatible with the Cecchetti Exam syllabus I follow. This is it. It perfectly prepares the students for CSC Cecchetti Primary exam work and follows several principles I strongly believe in. It is about creating the basic foundations needed for ballet, fostering a love of dance and music, as well as, a creative exploration of movement. The book leads you through the work and explains it for both a new teacher starting out, as well as, helping remind more experienced teachers of things they might have forgotten ;).  Although it follows the RAD arms, it is easy to adapt to whatever method you instruct, allowing you to fully integrate the curriculum into your studio.”

-Shannon from Vancouver, Canada on the Level 3 Curriculum Book

“As teachers, we so often teach the same material (year after year), and it’s easy to fall into the habit of saying the same thing over and over. This is a new way to make a connection with our students, and breath life into basic exercises. I also love [the] check lists of “Are they Ready?” for the next level.  A really great way to determine readiness for the next level. Since I work with many different age groups, I also think [the] “Characteristics of Age Levels” was spot on. Overall, I thought this was an excellent curriculum book for Young Children (Level 3). The exercises were targeted to the children’s abilities, and it was very easy to understand as well as apply. This curriculum really is very easy to adapt with other curriculums (especially the RAD graded levels). I did not experience any setbacks with the program. Thanks for sharing [this] wonderful program.”

-Diana from San Diego, CA on the Level 3 Curriculum Book

“I highly recommend to all new or experienced teachers the Ballet Arts for Young Children series. It is very useful and helpful for new teachers. It gives them an idea [of] what to expect when they work with children ages 3-4 as this is a very challenging age to teach. There are a lot of tips, information and suggested lesson plans for inexperienced teacher to refer to with clear explanations for successful teaching. For more experienced teachers this is a good read because it has a lot of different, creative and new ideas to teach a fun class. The ideas/suggested curriculum and lesson plans can be used with their present ideas and it can turn out to be wonderful! I will definitely use this for all of my future teacher and recommend this to all of my friends.”

-Lika Magrita from Malaysia on the Level 1 Curriculum Book

“I can highly recommend the Ballet Arts for Young Children – Level 1It is a great resource for ANY teacher with young children (Pre- School) whether new or experienced. Although I have been teaching for many years I found some wonderful new ideas as well as ways to present old ideas in a new way to my classes. It is well constructed, informative and most of all creative as well as very age appropriate. I introduced it to my classes this year and the children love it. It is fun . . . for the teacher as well as the children and shouldn’t ballet at this age be fun?”

– Ilse from Gauteng, South Africa on the Level 1 Curriculum Book

“I am loving this curriculum!  My students are loving this curriculum!  It is the perfect cure for any teacher who has taught for years and finds themselves lost when it comes to coming up with new and innovative material for the classroom.  I highly recommend this program to any ballet teacher – whether it’s your first year teaching or 21st year teaching!”

– Kelsey from Belcamp, MD on the Level 3 Curriculum Book

“I highly recommend the Ballet Arts for Young Children series. As a dance instructor specializing in preschool dance education, I found the series informative, creative and full of age appropriate material. I found the content, including tips on teaching each age group, to be very beneficial, for novice and seasoned teachers alike! I was impressed with not only the ‘what’ to teach but also the ‘why’ we teach it. This series will be referenced often at my studio!”

-Cheryl from Richmond, IN on the Level 3 Curriculum Book

“VERY thorough . . . excellent, well put together and informative!”

-Rhiannon from Wenatchee, WA on the Level 2 Curriculum Book

“Ballet Arts for Young Children books are a great resource for any teacher working with young children. The book provides an overview of physical, social, and emotional abilities and needs of children ages 3-4 giving teachers helpful tips on teaching and managing this particular age group. Dance teachers will also find very helpful a suggested curriculum and lesson plans provided in this book that give students a structured learning experience, and can be a tool to track students’ progress. All activities included in the curriculum are age-appropriate and will benefit the overall development of young children. I highly recommend purchasing this book with accompanying music CD.”

– Svetlana, a former dancer at the Kirov ballet from Marlton, NJ on the Level 1 Curriculum Book

“I found the Level 2 Curriculum Book to be very informative. It’s a great resource for teachers new to teaching this age group. I also found some new ideas and ways to present old ideas to add to my classes.”

– Sara from Pilesgrove, NJ on the Level 2 Curriculum Book

Teacher Testimonials

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  1. I am really impressed with the Level 3 Curriculum Book. As an instructor that has mainly worked with older dancers, I was looking for an easy to follow and age appropriate guide for younger students. This will definitely come in handy when I sub younger levels. I would highly recommend this series.

    Tricia April 20, 2015 at 1:56 PM #
  2. I’m very thankful to have found this website. I have been teaching ballet for about 6 years, but I started with just preschoolers, and now those once little dancers are progressing into serious ballet studetns, and I want to keep offering the best classes for them. After searching and reading through many of the inspiring and knowledgeable teaching articles, I decided to purchase a couple of the curriculums. Kim was such a help, guiding me and helping me to find the correct ones for my students. I opted for the Level 3 and the Pointe 1. I have already began to use several of the ideas from the Level 3, and my 5 & 6 year old students are responding so well! My oldest dancers average age is 12, so they aren’t ready for pointe yet, but having the pointe 1, is giving me some goals to set my (and my students’) sights on. So far the best piece of advice that I have been using from the website, is to practice less demonstrating when teaching. I have begun to implement this, and my dancers are improving, I can see them working harder and concentrating more on what they are learning. It’s so encouraging to me as a teacher, and I’m happy for my students! Thank you for providing these resources for us!

    Jill Blackburn January 18, 2016 at 3:08 PM #

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