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Using Inertia to Avoid the “Dead Spot”

Avoid the Dead Spot in Ballet Class

How frustrating it is to carefully present and explain something to a class, and then find at the next meeting that the students remember very little, if any, of what you took such careful pains to explain and demonstrate! It sometimes seems this “forgetfulness” increases with the age and intelligence of the students. Can we […]

Win With Threes by Knowing Their Needs

Teaching Ballet to Three Year-Olds

Teaching a classroom of 3 and 4 year olds is completely daunting at times! Why is it that these little people can scare the living daylights out of fully-grown professionals twice their size? Most of it comes from a lack of understanding their needs. This week we dive into the social, emotional and learning needs of […]

20 Ways to Create a Comfortable Class

20 Ways to Create a Comfortable Class

Most of us can remember being in a class where we couldn’t focus or understand what was being presented. It wasn’t much fun, was it? A dance class can feel that way to a young child. Childrens’ brains and muscles must be kept from frustration if they are to be happy and well behaved in class. Remember, too, […]

The 7 Basic Principles of Classical Ballet

7 Basic Ballet Principles

The Rules of Classical Dance were first set down definitively by John Weaver in 1723. Each generation has had its great teachers of ballet who have added insights and details to these rules and principles. These principles are essential for the dancer to learn around the age of 9 or 10. Their learning, at this […]