Pointe 1: An Introduction to Pointe Work


Ruth Brinkerhoff’s “Pointe 1” is a must-have for any teacher beginning their students in the world of Pointe. No teacher should be without this guide to help you know the how, when and what to teach your beginning Pointe class.


For the first time ever in digital download format, Ruth Brinkerhoff’s “Pointe 1” is the first of two Pointe manuals (See Pointe 2 Curriculum for Intermediate Students). This unique digital resource has over 95 pages of useful information, choreography of some classical pointe variations, and various samples of lesson plans that can be used for a Section Class or Mixed Class format. With precise illustrations, detailed classroom choreography and a wealth of information and tips for the teacher of beginning Pointe, this tool is a must-have for any ballet teacher starting their students en pointe. Don’t forget the corresponding Music Album to complete your set!

Pointe 1 Music


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