A Year of Lesson Plans — Level 4


A full year of lesson plans to correspond with activities presented in the Level 4 Curriculum Book. Enjoy having your lesson plans completed for you knowing they are comprehensive, include all the activities in the curriculum, and follow a logical teaching progression.


For use as a companion to “Ballet Arts for Young Children: Level 4 (age 7 to 10)”, this download includes 16 lesson plans to cover an entire year of classes at this level. Each level is broken down into 4 quarters, and within the 4 quarters, there are provided 4 lesson plans for a total of 16 lesson plans per year. These lesson plans are comprehensive; including all the activities that are covered in the Level 4 curriculum book. They are designed to follow a logical progression of the exercises presented in the Level 4 Curriculum Book, which takes some of the guesswork out of teaching Level 4 as well as saving so much time! Take advantage of having a full year of lesson plans already made for you!


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