A Year of Lesson Plans — Ballet 1


A full year of lesson plans to correspond with activities presented in the Ballet 1 Curriculum Book. Enjoy having your lesson plans completed for you knowing they are comprehensive, include all the activities in the curriculum, and follow a logical teaching progression.


Take some of the guesswork out of teaching your classes! Lesson planning can take hours each week, but with these classroom layouts, you will be able to teach your Ballet 1 class knowing that they are designed to allow for the students to explore every activity in the Ballet 1 Curriculum Book. The Year of Lesson Plans is divided up into 4 quarters, with 4 lesson plans per quarter. This structure allows the teacher to follow a logical progression through the material without having to spend the time and effort of organizing it. Take advantage of having your year of classes already planned out for you!

Note: These lesson plans are meant to be a companion to the Ballet 1 Curriculum Book. They are not designed to stand alone. We recommend purchasing the Ballet 1 Curriculum Book as well.


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