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Why We Are Discontinuing Coupons


We’re sorry. We came across a flaw in our methods, and we realized it wasn’t benefiting you as our loyal customer. While we are sorry about this mistake (and determined to make it up to you), we are also excited for two big reasons why this change will benefit you in the future. Our mistake? […]

Release Day 2015

It’s finally here! The release of the first ever digital ballet curriculum and lesson plans! I am so pleased to be able to provide these incredible resources to the world today. While the conversion of the curriculum by Ruth Brinkerhoff to digital format is still a work in progress, today is the day that the […]

Curriculum In the Works

Good evening, friends. Just wanted to put a quick message out there to those of you who are awaiting the release of Ruth Brinkerhoff’s ballet curriculum in PDF form . . . It’s coming! The late Ruth H. Brinkerhoff has put together some amazing curriculum that is comprehensive, easy to pick up and teach, and […]

For All You First Timers Out There

Welcome to Ballet Source! I am honored and privileged to be providing ballet teachers all across the continent with resources to assist them in bringing classical ballet to our young students. This site is dedicated to the education, training and nurturing of young children who want to be excellent in the art of ballet. Take […]