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Teaching Them to Ask Smart Questions

Asking Smart Questions

We all know there are plenty of unneeded questions. Of course, we want to encourage our students to ask any question they have, but really . . . sometimes the questions they ask are just plain dumb. My favorite one is “Are we doing this one or two at a time across the floor?” Really? […]

How I Mix Up Port de Bras for My Students

How I Mix Up Port de Bras

Balancé Temps de Fleche Saut de Chat Chassé Entournant Tombé Pas de Bourrée Just a few steps for which many dancers have a default port de bras. There are many steps that would make it on this list. Maybe at one school all the dancers extend the arms to the First Arabesque line for a […]

Hands and Fingers Make All the Difference

Hands and Fingers Make the Difference

The advanced dancer looks for ways to set themselves apart from the rest. How can they make their pirouette look different from the dancer standing next to them? What quality can they inject into their petit allegro that will glue all eyes on them? What dynamic do they wish to incorporate into their port de […]