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The Teaching Wheel

The Teaching Wheel

If students are not retaining the new skills we teach them, it could be because we as teachers are not honoring their natural flow of learning. Learning new skills follows a logical pattern, and we have to address the “why” and “how” of a new step in order to ignite our students’ passion and desire for learning it. […]

How Learning Happens

How Learning Happens

Ever felt frustrated in class because you feel like your students are just not getting what you’re trying so hard to teach them? You explain the concepts to them every single class and still don’t see evidence of that information being internalized. Could your idea of “thorough” actually be too much for your students? Are […]

Teaching the Accelerated Child

Teaching Accelerated Children

How can we, as dance teachers, best serve those young students in our classrooms who we notice have some great potential to be more in the ballet world? Sometimes we see that they are progressing well, but we don’t know how to push them forward in a safe and constructive way. Today we draw from […]

Find the Causes of Their Actions


All Behavior is Learned Out of the clear blue, your student throws a tantrum. Another student sulks shyly and avoids eye contact. What do you do? Understand that all behaviors result from an underlying cause. Come to class armed with the perspective that you can manage your students’ behavior when you understand the underlying causes […]

Self-Esteem in the Pre-Ballet Class

Self Esteem in Ballet

Self-esteem is an internalizing of who and what you are. Knowing and understanding who we are is essential to the growth process of every individual. Lack of such knowledge or the internalizing of wrong ideas about themselves can cause lasting negative effects on a person’s self-worth. Your youngest students will not understand that it is […]

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Teaching Pre-Ballet

Ultimate Guide to Teaching Pre-Ballet

I can still vividly remember being interviewed for my first job as a ballet teacher. My director asked if I would be willing to teach “the little ones”. One side of me—the arrogant, naive, “I’m too good to teach little ones” side—hesitated to say yes because I really wanted to teach advanced ballet: the place […]

What Can I Do To Change Their Behavior?

Change Your Ballet Students Behavior

Psychologists tell us that behaviors do not continue unless they are reinforced. Reinforcement is a constant reality—if the teacher smiles, nods, even looks at a student during an exercise, that is positive reinforcement. We can direct the reinforcement, plan it when planning is needed, or, we can just “let it happen.” We have more control over […]

Courtesy, Safety and Respect in the Classroom

Courtesy, Safety and Respect in Ballet Class

Today’s culture is full of conflict, lacking in courtesy both for individuals and for humanity in general. Whether movies, TV, or video games, few of these teach or show courtesy and respect between people. Dance class has been traditionally based on courtesy and on showing respect to classmates, to the teacher, and to the art […]