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Helping the Undercoordinated Students

Helping the Under-Coordinated Student

Coordination can be taken for granted by students who have progressed naturally and successfully through its phases. Others have had a tough go, and as dance teachers, we see the evidence of that struggle. It can be almost embarrassing for the undercoordinated, but with enough attention given, there is hope. Even the older undercoordinated dancers […]

Self-Esteem in the Pre-Ballet Class

Self Esteem in Ballet

Self-esteem is an internalizing of who and what you are. Knowing and understanding who we are is essential to the growth process of every individual. Lack of such knowledge or the internalizing of wrong ideas about themselves can cause lasting negative effects on a person’s self-worth. Your youngest students will not understand that it is […]

Increase Your Effectiveness in Skills Training

Increase Your Effectiveness

When do you feel the most satisfaction after teaching a class? When just few of the students have been able to master the material presented at that lesson? Or, when the entire class has succeeded in learning to do the items you have presented? Would you like to feel that you could take the credit […]

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Teaching Pre-Ballet

Ultimate Guide to Teaching Pre-Ballet

I can still vividly remember being interviewed for my first job as a ballet teacher. My director asked if I would be willing to teach “the little ones”. One side of me—the arrogant, naive, “I’m too good to teach little ones” side—hesitated to say yes because I really wanted to teach advanced ballet: the place […]

What Can I Do To Change Their Behavior?

Change Your Ballet Students Behavior

Psychologists tell us that behaviors do not continue unless they are reinforced. Reinforcement is a constant reality—if the teacher smiles, nods, even looks at a student during an exercise, that is positive reinforcement. We can direct the reinforcement, plan it when planning is needed, or, we can just “let it happen.” We have more control over […]

Why is it so Hard to
Keep the Circle the Same Size?

The Dancers Circle

Choreography for recital season has begun, and teachers all over the world are beginning to plan the specific steps, formations, costumes and music. I’d like to share this tidbit from Ruth Brinkerhoff‘s curriculum books concerning an often-used, sometimes-butchered element of choreography: the Dancer’s Circle. As the students get older, it does get better, but our […]

Avoiding Injury with Correct Muscle Use

Correct Muscle Use

Ballet teachers all over the world would agree that one of the biggest, most serious problems dancers face is injury from incorrect placement, sometimes due to the lack of knowledge of proper alignment and muscle use in ballet. While some teachers would say that the young ones cannot understand proper alignment anyway, I would argue […]

Sensory Development for Purposeful Movement

Sensation is Information

Coordination can be one of the hardest concepts for students to learn, especially when their foundation for purposeful movement may not have been laid correctly. Children progress through a natural process of coordination development that can sometimes be ignored when a teacher is trying to teach dance steps. Learn how to work with nature in […]