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Introduction to Pointe

Intro to Pointe

Once a dancer has completed pre-pointe training, there is a transitional class needed before full pointe training can begin. This is an introduction (or orientation) to pointe work. I find a good many teachers skip this. Either they are unaware of its benefits or they really want to get on with pointe work. However, taking […]

Three Fundamentals of Safe Pointe Work

Safe Pointe Work

Above all, we prioritize safety. While we want our dancers whipping out strings of fouetté turns and series of hops en pointe, what we want more than that is for our dancers to have longevity and undamaged bodies. Pointe training is a special challenge because it is extremely individual. More so than ballet class. And […]

Five Tips for Transitioning Back to Work

Transitioning Back to Work

Teaching is hard. It is a selfless act requiring enormous amounts of patience and passion. It is no wonder that, after months of work, teachers feel as though they have transformed into zombies—crawling towards whatever break is on the horizon, grabbing desperately at the sweet release of freedom. It doesn’t mean we have lost our […]

Four Tips For Building Reversing Skills

Building Reversing Skills

I willingly admit to being a reverse junkie. If there was time enough, I would have my students reverse everything. I find the puzzle of reversing enthralling and always come away from it feeling a little more the wiser for having pieced it all together. Choosing to reverse exercises or steps that aren’t generally reversed […]

Mixing Up Port de Bras

Port de Bras

NOTE: This is geared specifically for teachers of more advanced students. Lower leveled students do require consistency with port de bras so they can remain focused primarily on technique. Once technique is established with any given step, then the world opens up to luscious port de bras. Years ago, I was teaching a class and […]

Water Bottle Escapades

Water Bottle in Ballet Class

With all the issues and challenges we ballet teachers face, it might seem rather tedious to devote an entire article to water bottles. However, teaching our students to be—and remain—hydrated throughout class is part of our job. Because, like all things, unless we teach them, they will not know. We all have those students who, […]

A Fun Vocabulary Test

Fun Ballet Vocabulary Test

Ballet vocabulary. We want our students to have it. To understand how to speak the language. To be informed dancers. So we do any of the following things: Randomly ask them what any given ballet word means. Consistently reinforce the definitions before every exercise. Or at least try to. Send home vocabulary sheets and then […]