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The Order of Learning Ballet

Order of Learning Ballet

Order is beautiful to me. While I tend to live rather chaotically, I do ache for order. I believe this is one reason I was so drawn to ballet. The structure provided a solid framework for my creativity, and the discipline channeled my often scattered thoughts into clear, concise ideas. Ballet brought clarity to my […]

Building Smart Dancers

Building Smart Ballet Dancers

What good is knowing how to do 17 pirouettes if you don’t know when to do 17 pirouettes? What good is being able to extend your leg far behind your head if you don’t understand the nuances behind lovely extension? What good is soaring across the floor in jaw dropping grand allegro if you have […]

Why Natural Movement?

Why Natural Movement

Historically, ballet styling and technique developed slowly from that of folk dances and court dances. Ballet styling was added to those dances by adult dancers, whose basic movement and coordination skills were complete and in place. Children were not considered old enough for ballet lessons until ages eight to ten, when their basic skills were […]

Helping the Undercoordinated Students

Helping the Under-Coordinated Student

Coordination can be taken for granted by students who have progressed naturally and successfully through its phases. Others have had a tough go, and as dance teachers, we see the evidence of that struggle. It can be almost embarrassing for the undercoordinated, but with enough attention given, there is hope. Even the older undercoordinated dancers […]

Sensory Development for Purposeful Movement

Sensation is Information

Coordination can be one of the hardest concepts for students to learn, especially when their foundation for purposeful movement may not have been laid correctly. Children progress through a natural process of coordination development that can sometimes be ignored when a teacher is trying to teach dance steps. Learn how to work with nature in […]

How Teachers Help Their Students Improve Coordination

Improve Coordination in Dance

Dance teachers have been on track more than any other group in providing for coordination to happen. Our deep understanding of movement and development encourages the correct progression of coordination at the proper stages of growth. Ballet teachers have been helping kids, encouraging them to get their brain’s act together all along! Take Charge of […]

The Pyramid of Coordination

Pyramid of Coordination

There is a wonderful, intricate and observable progression of coordination grafted into every human being. At the earliest age, only a few months old, we can see how the brain begins to connect with the other members of the body. As dance teachers, we must have respect for and understanding of each stage of development. […]

Developing Coordinated Dancers

Coordination and Dance

Coordination is not one of those principles dance teachers want to overlook. If left unchecked, our students could grow up without the proper coordination skills they need to progress accordingly as dancers. Ruth Brinkerhoff devoted an entire teacher manual, called “Coordination for Ballet“, to the principles necessary to understand and teach coordination correctly. She explains […]

What is Coordination?

What is Coordination for Ballet?

Without a thorough understanding of the principles of coordination, it is difficult for dance teachers to know what to expect and how to encourage the proper development of natural coordination. It is definitely a vital building block, fundamental even, for all dance technique, and the more we understand how it occurs naturally, the better we […]

The Power of Teaching Progressions

Power of Progression

From the earliest of classes, the young ballet student is building the skills they will need to learn more advanced steps later. As a young three year-old, the students learn to stand with their feet in parallel, point their toes to the front and then return to the “feet together” position. What may seem simple […]

The 3 Stages of Coordination

3 Stages of Coordination

Ballet skills are built upon the base of natural skills that has been developed within the person. This is why extensive experience with fundamental movement skills is important for a ballet class of young children. It is surprising how many small pieces of growth and development affect the child’s ability to perform classical movements correctly! […]

Don’t Be A Skipper, Teach Them To Skip!

Teach Skipping

Skipping requires balance, symmetry in muscle use, self-esteem and some natural coordination. It is often used as an indicator of ‘readiness to learn’ academic subjects. It is expected that children in a dance class will learn to skip. Skipping is a complex skill composed of and built upon several more basic skills.” Many of my […]