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Five Tips for Transitioning Back to Work

Transitioning Back to Work

Teaching is hard. It is a selfless act requiring enormous amounts of patience and passion. It is no wonder that, after months of work, teachers feel as though they have transformed into zombies—crawling towards whatever break is on the horizon, grabbing desperately at the sweet release of freedom. It doesn’t mean we have lost our […]

Choosing Which Correction To Give

Corrections in Ballet Class

I had a teacher oh so many years ago who was helping me learn how to teach. She observed me giving class one day and afterwards we had a little chat: “So, Robyn. Well done. However, I noticed you didn’t correct the dancers often. Can you tell me why that was?” “Yeah. I noticed that, […]

Just a Job

Being a Ballet Teacher

When I write about ballet, I tend to become impassioned. My fingers move across the keyboard with fierce speed and adrenaline surges through my body. This is because I am in love with ballet. Talking about ballet, doing ballet, writing about ballet, teaching ballet, watching ballet, thinking about ballet—if it has to do with ballet, […]

How Friendly Should We Be?

How Friendly Ballet Teachers

More specifically—How friendly should we be with our students? As is almost always the case, this question has as many answers as there are ballet teachers in the world. These are my thoughts. The Ideal Situation Obviously, in the ideal situation we do not even have to concern ourselves with being friendly. Being friends with […]

How Much Should We Expect?

Ballet Class Expectations

What a loaded question. In all things. Right? From our hair products to our relationships, and everything in between, we walk through life with expectations needing to be fulfilled. In my personal life I have found conflicts arise when expectations are not clearly stated because it causes confusion. It brings strain to the situation. It […]

How to Survive Observation Week

How to Survive Observation Week

Around this time of year, many dance schools are preparing for parent Observation Week. It’s a very special time for the students and their parents, but it can be a time of high stress and intimidation for us teachers. Don’t you fret! Here are some tips to help you teachers not only survive observation week, […]